Texting sucks.

And when I mean texting sucks, I mean it really sucks. For my generation, texting has become a key form of communication, lacking all the basic cues we, as human beings need, to communicate. It strips down communication to a mere screen with words scripted together. While communication is what you have to say verbally, it is also filled with non verbals and texting makes it IMPOSSIBLE to read any non verbals.

Now, I do agree that texting is great for quick messages BETWEEN FRIENDS/FAMILY like “Be there in 5.” Short. Sweet. Easy. But my generation is confusing texting with the beginning of a fucking relationship. I’ve literally been dealing with this for FIVE YEARS already. There was Jeff when I was 15-18, Nick when I was 17-NOW (This deserves a separate post), Josh when I was 19, No one when I was 20 (dry spell to the max) and then since April when I turned 21 my phone has been blowing up with me trying to decipher texts non stop. There was Andrew in April-June (I actually met him on my 21st!), Nick again in June, Evan in July, Evan in August (different Evan, but they were best friends–this deserves a post too), Paul September-Now, Phil August-Now and of course Nick again as of recent.

I will say that Andrew this past April-June exhausted me with texting. But all these text conversations were emotionally draining. Then half the time, it was awkward because I felt like I didn’t know them personally, just over text. I remember sitting upstairs with my mom reading her what Jeff was saying to me (I have a close relationship with my mom) when I was 16. It was right before Homecoming and I desperately wanted him to take me. Instead of being “me”, I was playing a mind game, trying to coin the correct response, the perfect combination of funny, cute, mysterious–OVER A TEXT MESSAGE. This happened when I was 16.

I just got fed up tonight when all my drunk friends were texting me from the bars up at the college I go to (I’m still home). Basically Paul texted me because he saw my old roommate at the bar and in her drunken state she told him to go to meet her at a bar and that he was hot. Well he started texting ME and was like “tell me about her”. Are we in fucking 8th grade? I told him if he wanted to know anything about her he needs to get his ass to the bar she’s at and work on his game and talk to her. Usually shit like this wouldn’t bother me, but tonight it was just too much. I had been texting Phil who has been bothering me about NYE and then Paul texted me ABOUT MY OLD ROOMMATE. Can’t. Deal. With. Texting. Anymore.

Okay, rant is over. This is a pretty personal post. Probably should have put it in a diary or something. To make this post interesting, here is a song I really like from the movie Something Borrowed:

xo – Kaitlyn


Advice for me? How do you deal with texting?