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Okay, so I have to post about The Bachelor tonight. I am CRAZY for this show, and have been since the very first one like 10 years ago. Hah, I remember being really young and watching it with my mom! Anyways, HELLO BEN.

Damn, he looked good tonight. I was trying to come up with reasons why he was so much more attractive tonight than he ever was on The Bachelorette. Here were a few possible ones:

  • Tan
  • He has a vineyard
  • All the women want him
  • He didn’t talk much LOL

In all seriousness, the show was MONOPOLIZED by the crazy women. Crazy blogger girl Jenna has to be put on there by ABC for ratings. I liked the girl from Tennessee…I can’t remember her name! My fascination in this show probably stems from my love in fairytales and happy endings. I know, what does The Bachelor and fairytales have in common? Well, in my opinion, this show is a giant, adult fairytale in that this is not real life or realistic. There are dream dates, beautiful settings, cameras, etc.

But it does have me wondering if the form of dates they go on is better than the kind of dating my generation does? Ben doesn’t communicate with the girls unless out on a date, but my generation constantly communicates through text, twitter, fb, etc, which in my opinion can hurt just as much as it helps a relationship. Now, I don’t advise going on group dates with one guy, but sometimes I wish dating would go back to guys asking girls out on dates with all the romantic bells and whistles. Instead, it seems like going on a date is a special treat after you’ve been texting for a few weeks or something. Dating has just been difficult for me…


In other news, today I did my first run of 2012! I covered 5.25 miles in 50 minutes on the treadmill at the gym:

  • 1.5 miles at 6.4mph
  • .5 mile at 6.0mph
  • 1.5 miles at 6.4mph
  • .5 mile at 6.0mph
  • .5 mile 6.7mph
  • .5 mile 7.0mph
  • .25 mile 6.0mph
  • total: 5.25 mph

Luckily, I hit the gym in the afternoon during the bowl game so the gym wasn’t that crowded. I also upped my pace a little to try to match my run from the other day. I think running fast on the treadmill is tougher than running fast outside.

After the run, I finally made it to the grocery store. I came home ready to chow down. I’ve been craving soup and baguettes lately…so I picked up a few cans of Amy’s Organic soups to try and a whole grain baguette with sunflower seeds in it. 

That mushy green disgusting looking soup was actually pretty good! It was the split pea soup and had 14g protein in the can, which I thought was pretty impressive for a soup! The baguette was just what my body was craving after that run.

I also ate an ungodly amount of grapes, popcorn and had a banana with several spoonfuls of PB. I honestly hadn’t eaten much these past two days out of pure laziness of not going to the grocery store, so having food in the apt again feels great and I feel refreshed 🙂

Well, 10 minutes until Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Haha…gotta enjoy my tv before classes start again tomorrow! I’m also waking up bright and early to hit a spinning class at 7am so wish me luck with that!

xo- Kaitlyn


Do you watch the Bachelor? If you do…LETS TALK ABOUT IT! Leave comments on your thoughts on the episode–I love to hear other opinions 🙂 

Do you think it is easier to run on treadmills or outside? 

Ever tried Amy’s Organic Soups? What is your favorite flavor?